Montford Point Marines Present at Bensalem HS

Ms. Christine Elberson, a his­to­ry teacher at Bensalem High School coor­di­nat­ed with Marine Corps JROTC to bring his­to­ry to life on Friday, February 14th.  Master Gunnery Sergeant Joe Geeter USMC (Ret.) brought Sergeant Wilcox and Corporal Young to speak about the Montford Point Marines.

The Montford Point Marines are the first African-Americans to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps after President Franklin Roosevelt issued an Executive Order estab­lish­ing the Fair Employment Practices Commission in June 1941.  The recruits trained at Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, NC from August 26, 1942 until the camp was decom­mis­sioned on September 9, 1949. 

Master Gunnery Sergeant Geeter, a Marine who served for 35 years in the 1970s to 1990s gave a pre­sen­ta­tion about the Montford Point Marines and then Sergeant Wilcox and Corporal Young took  ques­tions from the 300 or so stu­dents in the audi­ence.  The stu­dents were active­ly engaged and asked great questions!