Biography Bash Held at Walt Disney Elementary

Third grade stu­dents held their annu­al “Biography Bash” at Pennsbury’s Walt Disney Elementary School in the spring of 2019. “This is a two-part project that involves in-classroom research and a project to work on at home,” explained teacher, Jess Holzerman. “Students arrived dressed as famous peo­ple, ready to embody them for the day. They pre­sent­ed their posters and paper bag projects. They worked on com­pre­hen­sion, writ­ing, and speak­ing skills. Some of the famous peo­ple who were inter­pret­ed by the stu­dents includ­ed Lucille Ball, Leonardo Da Vinci, Milton Hershey, Anne Frank, Jesse Owens, Jacqueline Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, and Hillary Clinton. The third graders had a blast walk­ing in some­one else’s shoes for the day. The con­ver­sa­tions that arose after each pre­sen­ta­tion proved that this project is engag­ing and well-rounded.”