Council Rock Honors Experimental Research in STEM Students Complete Year-Long Independent Project

Honors Experimental Research in STEM is a senior-level course offered at our high schools for stu­dents who want to do an authen­tic, student-directed, research project in sub­ject areas cov­ered by the STEM areas – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. During the year, with the help of the teacher as facil­i­ta­tor, each selects a spe­cif­ic goal for their own project, research­es the cur­rent tech­nol­o­gy and back­ground need­ed for their project, designs and per­forms exper­i­ments, and presents their results in sci­ence fairs and by writ­ing a research arti­cle. Students learn about the research process by “liv­ing it”, and this expe­ri­ence sets them up for a poten­tial research assis­tant posi­tion in col­lege, or, per­haps, an even­tu­al grad­u­ate degree or career in research!