Pennsbury Librarians Coordinate Book Lending

Students across the Pennsbury School District have access to books from the school libraries dur­ing the COVID clo­sure peri­od thanks to the District  librar­i­ans, shares Manor Elementary librar­i­an, Megan Edson.  “All ten ele­men­tary schools are offer­ing curb­side pick-up of library books by hav­ing stu­dents select books via Destiny (Pennsbury’s online cat­a­log), then by send­ing their requests to the library teach­ers.”  Librarians pull the books, bag them, and label them for safe and secure drive-through pick up.  Middle school stu­dents also have the chance to get library books through BookHub, which began this month.

Students are invit­ed to put books on hold in Destiny and pick them up from a cart in the office vestibule once a week,” explained Ms. Edson. At the high school, both East and West cam­pus­es have what is being called “Curbside Library,” with stu­dents already tak­ing advan­tage of the oppor­tu­ni­ty to check out books.  “Students email the librar­i­ans their book requests and pre­ferred pick­up times, books are bagged and labeled, and librar­i­ans meet stu­dents for pick-up or leave books in the pick-up bin for lat­er times. Safety pro­to­cols are in place for returned books at all lev­els. The District librar­i­ans are thrilled that hun­dreds of books are mak­ing their way into the hands of hap­py Pennsbury students!”

 Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary librar­i­an, RoseMarie Shire, added, “It is such a great feel­ing to be putting actu­al books into my stu­dents’ hands. And I am very thank­ful to the District for allow­ing the librar­i­ans to do this.  Even our par­ents were very appreciative.”