Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Charity

At Springfield Elementary School in Palisades School District, three 2nd grade stu­dents and their fam­i­lies have been sell­ing home­made lemon­ade through­out this school year to raise mon­ey for local char­i­ties.  Gabrielle Holmes, Willa Mansfeld and Payson Godoy have been set­ting up their lemon­ade stand each month at movie nights which were held at their school.  Throughout the school year, they raised more than $400 for local caus­es like Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue at Pennridge Animal Hospital, the Lord’s Pantry in Ottsville, Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue in Quakertown, Children’s Hospital of Lehigh Valley and for their own school to sup­port stu­dents who need help with school sup­plies or field trip fees.  The girls were moti­vat­ed to give back to the com­mu­ni­ty hav­ing par­tic­i­pat­ed in their school’s work with the Positive School-Wide Behavior Program.  They embraced their school’s mantra of being “respect­ful, respon­si­ble and kind” and took it out­side of their class­room and into the com­mu­ni­ty.  Congratulations and best wish­es to these young ladies who are lead­ing by exam­ple in their school!