Two Pennsbury Staffers Achieve Google Distinction

Pennsbury Technology Director, Brad McCormick, and Educational Technology Specialist, Mandy Lutz, achieved the des­ig­na­tion  of  “Google for Education Certified Trainer,” a dis­tinc­tion that has been reached by few­er than 2,000 peo­ple in the world. This pres­ti­gious des­ig­na­tion rec­og­nizes Ms. Lutz and Mr. McCormick as two of the top Google Suite for Education train­ers to assist teach­ers and schools to trans­form learning.

The appli­ca­tion process for this rare des­ig­na­tion involved pass­ing the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Educator cer­ti­fi­ca­tions, the Trainer Skills Assessment, film­ing mul­ti­ple tuto­ri­als on the use of Google Suite for Education tools, and pro­vid­ing a descrip­tion and evi­dence of five train­ings com­plet­ed, plus com­pil­ing a case study that detailed how they designed, con­duct­ed, assessed, and reflect­ed on a com­plet­ed train­ing. The appli­ca­tions and mate­ri­als were then reviewed by mul­ti­ple Google employ­ees to deter­mine if they were accept­ed into the Google for Education Certified Trainer program. 

With their newly-achieved sta­tus, Ms. Lutz and Mr. McCormick are part of the com­mu­ni­ty of Google for Education Certified Trainers with access to a shared data­base of resources, a glob­al dis­cus­sion board, and access to pre­view unre­leased Google Suite for Education prod­ucts and updates.