Conflict, Diplomacy and Resolution with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

Conflict, Diplomacy and Resolution is an elec­tive class for 10th — 12th graders at William Tennent High School. The class focus­es on US for­eign pol­i­cy and inter­na­tion­al rela­tions and has a strong empha­sis on cur­rent events. Students in the class have a num­ber of oppor­tu­ni­ties to dis­cuss issues with the peo­ple who help shape the United States’ for­eign pol­i­cy. With the 2018 mid‐term elec­tions fast approach­ing, stu­dents in Mr. Fries’ CDR class host­ed Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick ® — 8th District — to speak with his stu­dents about for­eign pol­i­cy issues. The stu­dents devel­oped their own ques­tions to ask Congressman Fitzpatrick and held a ques­tion and answer ses­sion in the 21st Century Learning Lab. Topics includ­ed the trade war with China, the denu­cleariza­tion of North Korea, the Syrian civ­il war, U.S. bor­der secu­ri­ty, and Russian involve­ment in the 2016 elec­tion. With his back­ground as an FBI agent and his role as a pol­i­cy mak­er as a mem­ber of the the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the con­gress­man shared his view­points and insights on the major issues that help to shape U.S. for­eign pol­i­cy.